Electric Rate Information

Below you will find recent rates for our utilities. To get current rate information for a specific location contact Customer Service with details about your service needs.

Please read our Deposits and Charges schedule - (PDF) to get information new account deposits and new service charges.

Electric Rates

The PUD has 12 electric rates for various types of service. The residential electric rate for most of the county is a basic charge of $0.776 per day plus $0.069 per kilowatt hour of energy used. A typical bill for 30 days and 1500 kWh would be:

30 days x $0.776 = $23.28 for the basic charge

1500 kWh x $0.069 = $103.50 for energy used

Total electric bill: $23.28 + $103.50 = $126.78

Rates are established differently for standard commercial, large commercial or industrial customers, schools, municipal water pumping, and area lighting. Large commercial or industrial customers have a more complicated rate.

Need details? Check out our Detailed Electric Rates Schedule - (PDF) or Electric Line Extension Unit Prices - (PDF).