In 1940 the people of Clallam County voted to establish a Public Utility District, “to reduce rates, to set aside moneys in lieu of taxes, and, through example, to compel the major private electric companies themselves to make rate reductions…”  PUDs are unique in the nation, not-for-profit, by and for the local communities that we serve. You can explore our Clallam PUD history on our History page. The fledgling PUD has since developed three more utilities: water and then sewer, and in 2000 the Legislature authorized PUDs to go into the wholesale telecommunications business. No matter how we grow, we continually strive to fulfill our mission:

To provide reliable, efficient, safe, and low cost utility services in a financially and environmentally responsible manner.

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More about your PUD

Your PUD’s electricity comes from the following fuel mix (which is 98% clean energy!):
1% Coal
87% Hydroelectric
1% Natural Gas
11% Nuclear

We are fortunate here in Clallam County to have hydropower as the bulk of our power supply for clean, reliable,  renewable and affordable power. Explore all the benefits of this  great resource at the following links:

Hydropower 101: Water Cycle
Hydropower 101: Snowpack
Hydropower 101: Reservoirs
Hydropower 101: Power Generation
Hydropower 101: Reliable Energy
Hydropower 101: Integrating Renewables
Hydropower 101: Transmission
Hydropower 101: Clean Energy

The Energy Independence Act (EIA) Progress Report details how Clallam PUD will meet the EIA conservation and renewables requirement for compliance year 2017. Other forms, reports, and documents can be found at the Department of Commerce website here.

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