INSPIRED Incentive Program (Solar, Wind, Biomass)

Under the INSPIRED (In-State Production Incentive for Renewable Energy Development) Program, through 2020, residential, non-residential and governmental Clallam County PUD customers residing in WA with approved solar, wind and/or biomass energy production systems may receive incentives ranging from $0.12 – $0.54 per kilowatt hour (up to $5,000 annually), depending upon the type of system and state of manufacture. Program requirements include: 1) a customer-installed revenue grade production meter; 2) compliance with Program procedures and regulations; and 3) random auditing of generating systems and production meters.

Please keep in mind that per Washington State regulations, Clallam County PUD funds this program through a public utility tax credit limited to just 0.5% of our taxable power sales. Given this limit and the increasing number and size of eligible systems in our service area, we have to proportionately reduce all INSPIRED Program incentive payments for all future payments.

INSPIRED Program Overview

INSPIRED Program Application

WA State Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Certification

INSPIRED Program Agreement

Parent Program (link to Washington State site)

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