Renewable Energy System Incentive Program

System Certification (one-time application)
The types of renewable energy generation that qualify include solar PV systems, wind generators, and anaerobic digesters. Your renewable energy generation system must be certified by the Washington State University Energy Program . It is a one-time certification. It will require detailed information such as system operation data (e.q. tilt, azimuth, and shading) and supporting documentation, such as an executed interconnection agreement with Clallam County PUD and documentation of system cost. If you purchase property with a renewable energy generating facility, you must reapply for certification as the new owner.

Customers that have systems previously certified with the Department of Revenue and have participated in Clallam County PUD’s INSPIRED program and want to continue to receive incentives need to have their systems re-certified with WSU Energy by April 30, 2018 per current Washington State law.

Washington State Production Credits (annual application)
Depending on the fiscal year a renewable energy system was certified with WSU Energy and the source of the equipment, incentives can range between $0.02 and $0.21 per kilowatt-hour (up to $5,000/year and up to 50% of the total system cost) and are paid by Washington State. Incentives are available for an eight-year period following the year the system is certified. More information can be found on the WSU website, linked above.

Annual Application
To apply for Washington State Production Credits, an application must be submitted to the Washington State University Energy Program by August 1 of each year that shows the energy produced by the renewable generation system from July 1 – June 30 of the previous fiscal year. This measurement comes from the production meter installed after the inverter and owned by the customer, not Clallam County PUD’s revenue meter. Clallam County PUD must be given access to read the production meter to verify the reported energy generation.
Clallam County PUD will receive a notification from WSU Energy letting us know who to send a check to, and how much it should be for. Clallam County PUD will distribute the incentive payments, and take an equal amount as a deduction on its Washington State Public Utility Tax.
It is the responsibility of the customer to download, fill out, and submit the form to the WSU Energy Program. Be aware that some contractors say they will take care of this for their customer. It is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to ensure the application is submitted completely and on time. It is not the utility’s responsibility to remind customers of the deadline or to fill out the form.