Water Rate Information

Below you will find recent rates for our water utilities. To get current rate information for a specific location contact Customer Service with details about your service needs.

Please read our Deposits and Charges Schedule to get information new account deposits and new service charges.

Water Rates

The PUD has 9 water rates covering the systems it owns and operates, each having its own rate structure. As an example, the residential water rate for The Fairview water system is a basic charge of $40.23 per month plus $4.01 per hundred cubic feet (cu. ft.) of water used. A typical bill for one month and 900 cu. ft. of water would be:

1 month x $40.23 = $40.23 for the basic charge
9 x $4.01 per hundred cu. ft. of water used = $36.09 for water
Total water bill: $40.23 + $36.09 = $76.32

To find the daily charge and usage rate for the water system you are interested in, check out our Water Rates Schedule and Wastewater Rates Schedule