Watts Green Power


While our production incentive programs (INSPIRED, Net-metering) have facilitated the growth of rooftop solar within our service area, we understand that “Going Solar” is not a workable option for everyone. Fortunately, we offer a cost-effective renewable energy alternative that requires no equipment, maintenance, or roof space: Watts Green.

Watts Green: one program, two ways to participate

  1. 100% Watts Green Power: Through Watts Green, you can power your home or business with 100% renewable energy for just 0.3¢/kWh (that’s $0.003/kWh) above your current electric rate.
  2. Watts Green Power Blocks: 100 kWh blocks of 100% Renewable Power for $0.30/block/month
    – Subscribe: you can purchase as many blocks of Watts Green power blocks as you choose on a monthly basis.
    For example, you can subscribe to 10 blocks of Watts Green Power (1,000 kWhs) per month.
    – One-time Purchase: customers wanting to off-set the energy used at one-time or recurring events may find this option of particular interest.

What’s the difference between the Power Block and 100% Watts Green Power purchase options?

– The 100% Watts Green Power option replaces your standard electrical rate.
– Watts Green Power Blocks are additions to your regular monthly electric bill.

Some of Our Current Watts Green Business Partners:

  • Acupuncture Healing in Sequim
  • The Dental Center
  • Five Acre School, Inc.
  • Klahhane Club
  • Nikola Engineering
  • North Barr Water Association

Where does the Green Power come from?

Clallam County PUD’s current supply of renewable energy comes from Hidden Hollow – Landfill Gas to Energy, a Green Power Project Developed and Constructed in 2006.

As waste in a landfill decomposes, it produces methane and carbon dioxide. Methane is captured at the Ada County landfill and used to generate electricity. Two 1.6 MW Caterpillar engines are used to generate power that is fed directly into Idaho Power’s grid.

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Program Resources

Sign up today!

If you or your business would like to support renewable energy development by participating in our Watts Green Program, please complete and submit the secure online form.  Signing up is easiest and most efficient using this secure online form. However, if you prefer to sign up via a non-electronic format please click here.